Tight Corners, Terrifying Times: How You Can Help In These Situations

Collapsed buildings and destroyed structures with people left inside is always a thing of nightmares. Trying to get these people out takes some very special skills and training. You have to know how to get to the trapped victims without causing greater damage to the structure. More damage to the structure could spell doom for the victims since they would be buried under even more rubble. If you want to know more about how you can help in these situations, the following is provided. 

Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training

This specialized training will teach you how to carefully remove just enough rubble to squeeze through an opening to reach the victims. It is also a helpful training for learning how to rescue people in very tight places that are not the result of a cave-in or a destroyed building. When you complete the training, you are certified to offer your services to search and rescue missions whenever and wherever they happen to be in close proximity to you. 

Advanced First Aide Training 

This training will help you save lives. If you combine it with the confined space training, you will be able to help victims control bleeding and assess their safety risks when you enter a tight space and find them badly injured. First aide training will also help you determine an order in which victims can be helped and extricated from their trapped location. Those that can move freely of their own accord can go first, followed by any individuals who are injured but conscious and mobile, and then the badly injured and unconscious because you will need help from other rescuers to get these badly injured victims out. 

Diving Certification

Diving certification will help you rescue people trapped under water or people trapped in a cave that is flooding. Sometimes you are engaged as a diver/rescuer to find bodies on the bottom of a lake when people are certain that there is no way a body could not have surfaced after an accident or animal attack in the water. In really old wells large enough to swallow a person whole, your diving certification can help rescue a child or a pet that wandered too close to the well and fell in. There are plenty of scenarios where this kind of training, and the other trainings mentioned above, can make a huge difference in whether or not someone is found, rescued, and lives. 

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